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​"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela


(Infants, 6 weeks to 12 months or walking)

A clean, nurturing environment awaits your Infant in OCA's Infant Room. Our babies are well loved and maybe just a little bit spoiled! Every day we enjoy tummy time and going outside (weather permitting). Our babies love age-appropriate sensory experiences, music and movement exercises, being read to, and their art times.



(Two and Three Year Olds)


Incredible leaps and bounds forward in academic and social skills will come from the Builders classroom. WOW is the word! Amazing opportunities for incredible intellectual and social development are evident. You will be amazed and impressed at the increased imagination, verbal skills, strategic thinking, reasoning, and physical skills as your Builder student progresses through this curriculum. The classroom builds on the life (potty, sharing, etc.) and phonological awareness skills developed in OCA's Builders classroom. Academic and play centers are clearly defined and focused. We work hard and play with purpose in this classroom!


OCA is proud to offer three State Funded Georgia Pre-K classrooms staffed by certified teachers. Our Pre-K classrooms are rated 100% Compliant by the State of Georgia. OCA Pre-K students leave completely ready for Kindergarten and possessing the skills necessary for a lifetime of successful learning.  To learn more about eligibility for our State Funded Pre-K classrooms and how to enroll, click here.



(One Year Olds)

One Year Olds are on the move and ready to take on new adventures and experiences. OCA offers a safe environment for the busy One Year Old to explore and grow. We focus on developing language and motor skills and work to enhance your young walker's awareness of their surroundings. Expect excellent staff, a stimulating environment, top-notch curriculum and loving care from our One Year Program.



Where children come to be taught, and leave being loved.


After School

Making the family evenings easier is the hallmark of OCA's After School Program. We focus on high quality homework assistance. Your evenings are full enough without the hassle and frustration of homework too! Plus, you also have the opportunity to enroll them in extra-curricular activities that will be completed before you pick them up!



(Two Year Program)

Bursting with energy and preparing to take on the world, the Climbers classroom is a stepping stone to a lifetime of successful academic and social skills. Busy, energetic, temperamental, curious, opinionated, eager, vocal, loving and verbose are all words that will describe our Climbers. The Climber staff work with parents in potty training and life skills building. With lots of child-initiated learning opportunities, the activities in the Climbers Curriculum are designed to foster your child's natural curiosity in areas of literacy, math, and environment.



Stepping it up a notch is what the OCA 3-K is all about. Structure, school readiness skills, beginning reading and math concepts, and personal responsibility skills are the focus of our OCA 3-K Program. With lots of free center choices and outside play opportunities, your child will thrive and blossom in this classroom. You will be thrilled with the progress your OCA 3-K student makes under the direction and love from this powerful classroom staff.


Summer Camps

OCA Camps are the most comprehensive offered in the Oglethorpe community. We have awesome activities scheduled every day, as well as several field trips throughout summer. Camp Calendars are posted in advance for your planning convenience. 

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